Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. for 40 years, Sunglo Greenhouse Kits offer an unsurpassed combination of durability, longevity, insulation, transparency and overall value!
We are always so proud when a customer says to us how they have done extensive research and Sunglo Greenhouses simply are the best option. Even Engineers have told us.Glazing1

ECONOMICAL – Our greenhouse kits feature a thermostatically controlled ventilation system and aluminum bench framework. Besides the fact that a Sunglo Greenhouse is a good buy, since it has such a long life, it is extremely economical to operate. Sunglo Greenhouses are constructed with two wall panels. This double wall construction allows for better temperature control than glass. The two layers of high-impact acrylic plexiglass create a 1 1/2 inch dead air space which provides 10 times the insulation of a single pane of glass! This makes a Sunglo Greenhouse energy efficient enough to use all year round no matter where you live!

STRONG – Designed 40 years ago by two experienced former Boeing engineers who

Sunglo does not mind the snow

Sunglo does not mind the snow

knew all about precision and strength. All Sunglo Greenhouse Kits are constructed of a durable aluminum framework with impact resistant acrylic panels. Before we built our first Sunglo Greenhouse we knew they were going to be strong but we didn’t know how strong! After running some tests we found our Model 1000C supported over 2,500 pounds of snow and withstood wind gusts of up to 80 miles per hour without worry. Our heavy gauge DR Plexiglas also has 100 times the impact strength of any single pane glass greenhouse today. In Seattle we have visited customers with original Sunglo greenhouses that are over 35 years old.

Any person who is handy can assemble a Sunglo.

Any person who is handy can assemble a Sunglo.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE – We provide you with a detailed instruction manual and installation video for our greenhouse kits. All of the components are pre-cut and easy to work with. If you have any experience with hand tools you can easily build a Sunglo Greenhouse. People have build them by themselves but we recommend to at least work as a team. Just follow the instructions, contact us with questions, and you’ll do just fine.

WARRANTY – Sunglo Greenhouses come with a 12-year limited warranty on the acrylic! Additionally, our company representatives will be here to assist you in your greenhouse needs. There are so many happy Sunglo customer, some who have had their greenhouse for almost 40 years.

COMPLETE PACKAGE – Each greenhouse kit comes as a complete package including all of the standard necessities such as a fan, a shutter, and a thermostat. This means that you have everything you need to get started! Additionally we can provide you with lights, heaters, built-in cedar benches, matching cedar shelves, grow trays and many other greenhouse accessories.

FUNCTIONAL – Sunglo Greenhouses are fully functional, all season structures with features that are appreciated by the professional gardener and the hobbyist alike. The greenhouses can support more than 2,500 lbs of snow in the winter and high winds in the spring and fall. In the warmer months, air is circulated through the greenhouse at least once per minute by the integrated thermostatically controlled exhaust fan and motorized intake shutter. No need to be home. Your Sunglo manages itself while you are on vacation.

CUSTOMIZATION - Every Sunglo Greenhouse kit is created especially for you based on your specific needs. There is no set prepacked box. That’s the beauty of having a specialty shop right here in the USA with knowledgeable staff creating a greenhouse kit. So talk to us to create the perfect Sunglo greenhouse kit just for you.

  • Knee wall (or Pony Wall)
    With knee wall that requires a 'door drop' panel above the door.

    With knee wall that requires a ‘door drop’ panel above the door.

    You can raise the greenhouse to any height using materials of your choice like wood or concrete. Simply order a “door drop” panel for above each door that matches with the height of the wall. A 2’ high wall would make the top of the door line up exactly with the top of the wall. Raised greenhouses give a nice spacious feel, allow warm air to rise away from plants, allow for hanging baskets and taller plants.




  • Doors
    Double French doors allow for easy access.

    Double French doors allow for easy access.

    There are multiple options with doors based on the greenhouse model. All greenhouses can have a front and a back door. A Double French doors are an option on the 1200, 1700 and 2100 models. Lean-To’s can have no door when there is access from behind. Any Sunglo that has at least a 2′ high knee wall can have single or double doors on the length side in any wall section.






  • Ventilation
    Intake shutter (left) and exhaust fan. Both electric.

    Intake shutter (left) and exhaust fan. Both electric.

    Add an additional or a larger size intake shutter and exhaust fan. Available sizes are 12”, 16”, & 20”.




  • The automatic vent opener option requires no electricity.

    The automatic vent opener option requires no electricity.

    Automatic Vent OpenersThe black vent doors can be converted to have an automatic vent opener that opens as temperature rises. The wax based cylinder requires no electricity. It’s magic.




  • Other Customization Options
    Every free standing Sunglo can become a Lean-To

    Every free standing Sunglo can become a Lean-To

    Create a Lean-To out of any Free Standing greenhouse by having us removing the back wall from your kit. (This will reduce the price some.)
    Grow your Sunglo’s length by adding Extensions later on.
    Add additional support. We can customize support posts, braces, and hanger bars.
    U shaped benches and shelves or center Benches in our 2100 Series. If you already have a greenhouse bench can easily be added to create a U, L, or C shape, based on the size of your greenhouse. If you already have a 1000 just buy one shelf section for in the back. The section does not need to be flush to the wall if there are electrical pipes.


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Sunglo Greenhouses Catalog 2021

Sunglo Foundation Guide – Free-standing

Sunglo Foundation Guide – Lean-to

Sunglo Series 1000 Manual

Sunglo Series 1200 Manual

Automatic Vent Opener Installation

Sunglo Cedar Shelf Installation

Instructions to replace the outer roof panels on Sunglo Greenhouses

Sunglo 2100F raised 24" Evening

A Sunglo 1500C (5'x10') Lean-To greenhouse on a knee wall with a 12" taller door.

A Sunglo 1500C (5′x10′) Lean-To greenhouse on a knee wall with a 12″ taller door.

Sunglo 2100O 15x50 interior Bench and Shelf3

1200D drawing

A Sunglo Model 1200 D greenhouse with optional knee wall to raise the greenhouse and with optional double French style doors.