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As of August 1st, 2021 Sunglo is now under new ownership.  Our goal is to take the Sunglo reputation and products to new levels, however that will take some time.  Anyone interested in a Sunglo should use our email address to get on our sales follow-up list.  Look for a brand new Sunglo website in late September/early October which will have our pricing and more details.  We will not have a standard catalog, everything will be online so its always up to date. 


We continue to believe our greenhouses are the best under the sun. Sunglo’s are made better, look better, last longer and function more efficiently than any other greenhouse. You won’t find a better greenhouse in the USA! Sunglo was founded in 1976 and original Sunglo greenhouses are still around 45 years later.

  • Sunglo is USA made from high quality American materials
  • Designed by two former Boeing engineers to be strong, just like the planes they designed
  • Choose from 8′ 0r 10′ wide; and from 10′ to 15′ long.
  • Double layer acrylic panels, 1.37″ thick (vs competitors typical .5″ thick), UV protected, high impact resistant. Flat outer panel and a corrugated inner panel and optional 3rd layer for 1.5 times more R value.
  • Strong top grade aluminum frame is riveted together
  • Thermostatically controlled automatic ventilation (No need to be home. Your Sunglo manages the temperature all by itself)
  • A very high R 3.1 insulation factor allows for year-round economical operation and with the optional 3rd layer an R value around 4.5!
  • 80+ mph wind rating
  • 32 lbs per square foot snow load (That is 2500 lbs for our small 1000-C 8′x10′ model)
  • 92% light transmission. 
  • Plants grow up straight, not towards the light, with the light diffusion of the corrugated inner panels. This means lots of light coming in with no shadow effect. No burn effect. Every spot in a Sunglo is a VIP spot.
  • Timeless contemporary look
  • Happy customers for 45 years and continuous improvements to stay the best
  • Sunglo in January



2016 is our 40th year anniversary

Sunglo 1976 – 2016 – 40 years old


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